8.0T Tracked Zero Tail Excavator


Product Information Sheet

All of the technical information on this product at a glance on the Product Information Sheet.


The EZ80 is the biggest zero tail excavator from Wacker Neuson. Compact dimensions, reduced fuel consumption and high performance are united in one machine. With a digging depth of more than 4 meters and an efficient digging power, excavation jobs are completed quickly. Working close to walls or other environmental obstacles provides no issue for this zero tail machine in any operating position. This and its compact design make the EZ80 the first choice excavator when it comes to narrow inner city job sites. On top of that the EZ80 also convinces with up to 20% less fuel consumption and thus significantly reduced operating costs.

  • Precise and sensitive operation thanks to the Load Sensing Hydraulic system with LUDV (load-independent flow control).
  • Programmable presets by pressing a button, jog dial control system for float volumes per attachment tool – safe and recall.
  • Maintenance made easy: the tiltable cabin and the removable chassis cover provide quick and easy access, diagnostic tools offer further support.
  • Meets highest quality standards: High-quality materials and excellent workmanship ensure a long service life.

Operating data

Shipping weight min. 7,588 kg
Operating weight 7,918 – 9,208 kg
Biting force max. 43.7 kN
Breakout force max. 68 kN
Digging depth max. 4,169 mm
Dumping height 4,587 – 4,749 mm
Digging radius max. 7,190 mm
Superstructure slewing speed 9 1/min
L x W x H 6,939 x 2,250 x 2,562 mm

Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor manufacturer Perkins
Engine / Motor type 404D-22T
Engine / Motor Water-cooled 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine
Displacement 2,216 cm³
Engine performance acc. to ISO 36.3 kW
Battery 88 Ah
Fuel tank capacity 85 l

Hydraulic system

Duty pump axial piston pump
Flow rate 160 l/min
Operating pressure for working and traction hydraulics 300 bar
Operating pressure slewing gear 240 bar
Hydraulic oil tank 92 l


Travel speed max. 4.4 km/h
Chain width 450 mm
Ground clearance 357 mm

Dozer Blade

Width 2,250 mm
Height 504 mm
Stroke above ground 474 mm
Stroke below ground 523 mm

Sound level

Sound level (LwA) acc. to 2000/14/EC 97 dB(A)
Cabin – specified sound pressure level LpA acc. to ISO 6394 79 dB(A)

  • short dipperstick
    long dipperstick
  • A
    2,562 mm
    2,562 mm
  • B
    2,250 mm
    2,250 mm
  • B
    Width of the cabin
    1,000 mm
    1,000 mm
  • B
    Width of the undercarriage
    1,892 mm
    1,892 mm
  • C
    Transport length
    6,939 mm
    6,944 mm
  • D
    Digging depth max. max.
    3,919 mm
    4,169 mm
  • E
    Insertion depth max.
    1,915 mm
    2,124 mm
  • F
    Insertion height max.
    6,620 mm
    6,782 mm
  • G
    Dump height max. max.
    4,587 mm
    4,749 mm
  • H
    Digging radius max. max.
    6,955 mm
    7,190 mm
  • I
    Range max. on the ground
    6,795 mm
    7,036 mm
  • J
    Rear swivel radius w/o counterweight
    1,228 mm
    1,228 mm
  • J
    Rear swivel radius with counterweight
    1,341 mm
    1,341 mm
  • K
    Arm displacement max. to middle of bucket right side
    705 mm
    705 mm
  • K
    Arm displacement max. to middle of bucket left side
    683 mm
    683 mm
  • L
    Lift height max. levelling blade above formation
    474 mm
    474 mm
  • M
    Scraping depth max. of levelling blade below formation
    523 mm
    523 mm
  • N
    Length of running gear
    2,826 mm
    2,826 mm
  • O
    Turning angle max. arm system to the right
    63 °
    63 °
  • P
    Turning angle max. arm system to the left
    67 °
    67 °
  • Q
    Width tracks
    450 mm
    450 mm
  • R
    Boom slewing radius middle
    2,869 mm
    2,869 mm
  • Boom slewing radius right
    2,724 mm
    2,724 mm
  • Boom slewing radius left
    2,273 mm
    2,273 mm