Diesel Rammer

DS70 – The expert for extreme compaction jobs

  • The diesel engine is the most environmentally friendly rammer engine available, which makes it the perfect choice for compaction jobs in poorly ventilated trenches.
  • The noise reducing cover lowers the amount of engine and shoe noise transmitted to the operator.
  • The large capacity and corrosion-proof fuel tank is equipped with a self cleaning in-tank filter. That means long service life and minimum maintenance.
  • For added operator convenience, a single lever controls start-up, speed and engine shut-off.
  • The highly engineered built-in shock mount system of the guide handle reduces hand-arm vibration (HAV) and thus improves user comfort.

Product Information Sheet

All of the technical information on this product at a glance on the Product Information Sheet.


Wacker Neuson’s diesel rammer completes your diesel fleet. The DS70 is a well-balanced machine with low CO emissions and compact dimensions. It is ideally suited for the compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils.

Operating weight 83 kg
Ramming shoe (W x L) 280 x 336 mm  or  330 x 342 mm
L x W x H 725 x 370 x 1,000 mm
Percussion rate 670 blows/min
Stroke at the ramming shoe 71 mm
Operating speed 8.8 m/min
Surface capacity 148 m2/h


Manufacturer Yanmar
Model L 48
Construction Air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine
Displacement 211 cm3
Engine speed 3,450 rpm
Engine output according to ISO 3.1 kW
Fuel consumption 0.9 L/h
Tank capacity 4.2 L
Shipping Weight 91.kg
Shipping Width 0.38m
Shipping Height 0.99m
Shipping Length 0.69m