Articulated Wheel Loader


Product Information Sheet

All of the technical information on this product at a glance on the Product Information Sheet.


The WL20e wheel loader model is the first purely electrically operated wheel loader from Wacker Neuson. As with all of our wheel loaders, it convinces through first-class performance. Two electric engines, one for the drive system and one for the work hydraulics, ensure that the performance features of the WL20e correspond to those of the conventional machine. At the same time, the wheel loader works completely exhaust free and with significantly lower noise emissions. For the end user, this means greater flexibility in application, environmental protection and significant savings with operating costs.


  • 100% emission-free thanks to wireless battery drive system
  • Up to five hours of running time
  • Comparable performance as with conventional wheel loaders
  • Up to 41% savings in operating costs as well as cost advantages in maintenance and in the service intervals
  • Significantly lower noise pollution

Engine / Motor

Travel drive motor – capacity S2 (60 min.) 6.5 kW
Lifting motor – capacity S3 (15%) 9 kW

Electrical system

Operating voltage 12 V


Operating weight 2,350 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine straight 1,509 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine at angle 1,251 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine straight 1,112 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine at angle 916 kg

Vehicle data

Bucket capacity Standard bucket 0.2 m³
Traction drive electrically via universal joint shaft
Axles T80
Drivers cab (optional) FSD (EPS, EPS PLus)
Speed 0 – 15 km/h
Speed Level 1
Standard tires 27 x 10.50-15 EM ET-5

Hydraulic system

Operating hydraulics – operating pressure 225 bar
Operating hydraulics – discharge capacity 32 l/min

Filling capacities

Hydraulic oil tank 18.5 l
Hydraulic system 37 l

  • Standard tires
    27 x 10.5-15 EM ET-5
  • A
    Overall length
    3,721 mm
  • B
    Overall length without bucket
    3,063 mm
  • C
    Bucket pivot point to axle center
    508 mm
  • D
    1,468 mm
  • E
    Rear overhang
    975 mm
  • F
    Height With operator’s canopy
    2,209 mm
  • F
    Height With fold-down operator’s canopy (EPS)
    2,351 mm
  • F
    Height With fold-down operator’s canopy (EPS), folded-down
    1,928 mm
  • F
    Height With lowerable operator’s canopy (EPS Plus)
    2,255 mm
  • F
    Height With lowerable operator’s canopy (EPS Plus), lowered
    1,961 mm
  • H
    Seat height
    1,245 mm
  • J
    Total operating height
    3,294 mm
  • K
    Stroke height max. – bucket pivot point
    2,713 mm
  • L
    Overhead loading height
    2,444 mm
  • M
    Dump height max.
    2,031 mm
  • N
    Range with M
    330 mm
  • O
    Scraping depth
    74 mm
  • P
    Overall width
    1,076 mm
  • Q
    Track width
    810 mm
  • S
    Ground clearance
    207 mm
  • T
    Radius maximum
    2,681 mm
  • U
    Radius at outer edge max.
    2,356 mm
  • V
    Inside turning radius
    1,219 mm
  • W
    Articulation angle
    45 °
  • X
    Bucket rollback at max. stroke height
    50 °
  • Y
    Dump angle Maximum
    38 °
  • Z
    Bucket rollback at ground level
    48 °