Articulated Wheel Loader


Product Information Sheet

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The WL60 can’t be beat in efficiency: Thanks to the optionally available demand-controlled load sensing system, which ensures that the work hydraulics do not run as well when driving. This reduces the energy consumption of the machine significantly. The WL60 also offers state-of-the-art engine technology according to the latest emission standard level IV. The so-called flow sharing allows for the simultaneous operation of several work functions such as lifting, rolling-in or operating a hydraulic attachment. In addition, the WL60 is extremely stable thanks to an optimal weight distribution and has the greatest lifting height of its performance class. The WL60 is therefore the optimal choice when things are to be quick and environmentally friendly.

  • Several engines to choose from, with or without SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
  • 3.5 inch color display with many functions and clear control lights
  • 40 km/h variant due to larger motors with higher torque (optional)
  • Optional on-roof climate control for more operator comfort
  • Optimized use of attachment tools by oil level regulation, high flow option and continuous function for the 3rd and 4th control circuits
Engine standard Engine optional Engine optional

Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor manufacturer  Perkins Perkins Perkins
Engine / Motor type  854E-E34TAWF 854E-E34TAWF 854E-E34TAWF
Cylinder  4 4 4
Engine performance  kW 55.4 75 90
at rpm Maximum rpm 2,200 2,200 2,200
Displacement  cm³ 3,400 3,400 3,400
Coolant type  Water / charge air Water / charge air Water / charge air

Electrical system

Operating voltage  V 12
Battery  Ah 95
Alternator  A 120


Operating weight  kg 5,930
Tipping load with bucket – machine straight  kg 3,674
Tipping load with bucket – machine at angle  kg 3,031
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine straight  kg 3,344
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine at angle  kg 2,791

Vehicle data

Bucket capacity Standard bucket m³ 1
Traction drive  Hydrostatic via universal joint shaft
Axles  PA1422
Drivers cab  Cabin
Speed (optional) km/h 0-20 (30, 40)
Speed Level  2
Standard tires  405/70 R 18 EM ET0

Hydraulic system

Driving hydraulics – operating pressure  bar 445
Operating hydraulics – operating pressure  bar 210
Operating hydraulics – discharge capacity  l/min 100
Operating hydraulics – discharge capacity (optional up to) l/min 150

Filling capacities

Fuel tank capacity  l 105
Hydraulic oil tank  l 95

Sound level

Guaranteed sound power level LwA  dB(A) 103
Specified sound pressure level LpA  dB(A) 78

  • Standard tires
    405/70 R 18 EM ET0
  • A
    Overall length
    5,898 mm
  • B
    Overall length without bucket
    4,780 mm
  • C
    Bucket pivot point to axle center
    991 mm
  • D
    2,150 mm
  • E
    Rear overhang
    1,676 mm
  • F
    Height With cabin
    2,693 mm
  • H
    Seat height
    1,609 mm
  • J
    Total operating height
    4,409 mm
  • K
    Stroke height max. – bucket pivot point
    3,686 mm
  • L
    Overhead loading height
    3,375 mm
  • M
    Dump height max.
    2,841 mm
  • N
    Range with M
    799 mm
  • O
    Scraping depth
    74 mm
  • P
    Overall width
    1,829 mm
  • Q
    Track width
    1,422 mm
  • S
    Ground clearance
    375 mm
  • T
    Radius maximum
    4,072 mm
  • U
    Radius at outer edge
    3,686 mm
  • V
    Inside turning radius
    1,666 mm
  • W
    Articulation angle
    42 °
  • X
    Bucket rollback at max. stroke height
    33 °
  • Y
    Dump angle Maximum
    33 °
  • Z
    Bucket rollback at ground level
    39 °