Reversible Vibratory Plate


Product Information Sheet

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The BPU2540 is one of the light all-rounders, which are ideal for compacting paving stones, horticulture and landscaping, and the maintenance of roads, paths and parking lots. It comes with a robust integrated wheel set, like all Wacker Neuson vibratory plates in the 25 – 37 kN class. The machines of this class offer a kind of job site mobility that is unique in the market. Thanks to its great agility and compact design, the BPU2540 is perfectly suited for the compaction of sidewalks, trenches and other confined areas. A multitude of well thought out features make it the ideal choice for professionals who need a continuous use compactor.

  • That is unique! Integrated and extremely robust wheel set: Even hot asphalt or cumbersome curbs cannot harm the wheels.
  • Exceptionally long service life even with the toughest jobs: GJS-700 base plate; the optimal combination of break and wear resistance.
  • Guide handle shock mount and integrated lateral guiding systems enable effortless and precise work.
  • The automatic locking mechanism of the guide handle has no play, ensuring safe transport.

Operating data

Operating weight with water tank 94 kg
Centrifugal force 15 kN
Base plate size (W x L) 500 x 586 mm
Operating width 500 mm
Frequency 98 Hz
Advance travel max. (depending on soil and environmental factors) 29 m/min
Surface capacity max. (depending on soil and environmental factors) 870 m²/h

Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor type Air-cooled single-cylinder four-cycle gasoline engine
Engine / Motor manufacturer Honda
Engine / Motor GX 160
Displacement 163 cm³
Engine performance max. (DIN ISO 3046) 3.6 kW
at rpm 3,600 rpm
Fuel consumption 1.8 l/h
Tank capacity (fuel) 3.7 l
Power transmission From drive motor via automatic centrifugal belt drive direct to exciter.
Fuel type Gasoline